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Date: 05/03/2017

Students of Marshalls cheered wildly upon receiving assurances of internship opportunities from two leading brands in Ghana- Unilever Ghana Limited and the Holiday Inn Resort. Representatives of these institutions made this known when they addressed students at the 2nd Marshalls Strategic Lakefront Rendezvous, on the 11th of February, 2017.

Nana Ansah Prem IV, Chief of Akosombo, and Mr. Bruce Potter made these announcements on behalf of Unilever Ghana and Holiday Inn Resort respectively as guest speakers at the 2nd Marshalls Strategic Lakefront Rendezvous held in Akosombo in the Eastern Region.

The first to make the announcement was Mr. Bruce Potter, Chief Executive Officer of Holiday Inn, and keynote speaker at the event. He revealed that the Holiday Inn had decided to increase internship slots for Marshalls upon being satisfied with the input of the previous interns received from Marshalls. “The interns we received from Marshalls conducted themselves well. It is for this reason I am pleased to announce to you that we are giving internship opportunities to as many [Marshalls] students as possible. You must come ready to learn and to develop your own selves”, he stated.

Mr. Potter was speaking on the theme Academic Excellence and Value Creation. In a short but profound address, he persuaded the students to take advantage of opportunities to develop themselves in the real business world. He also charged the students to develop saving habits, maximize their creative potential and exploit business opportunities, while they were still in school. The Hospitality and Tourism expert, who is also currently the National Vice President of the Ghana Hoteliers Association and Board Member of the Federation of Tourism, bemoaned the lack of practical opportunities in Ghanaian academic development. He then urged the students to overcome cultural challenges and acquire practical and diversified competencies in their areas of study.
Nana Ansah Prem IV, Chief of Akosombo , also assured Marshalls students of ready internship opportunities at the Kaneshie branch of Unilever, where he serves as a top executive in his private life. He informed the students that Unilever was open to students of Marshalls anyday for internships and revealed that so far the company had already roped in a few interns from Mashalls. “Our internship opportunities to Marshalls have been opened for some time now. You must however be warned that it is all work and hardly any fun, as your friends will tell you.” He jokingly remarked.
Nana Ansah Prem IV was in the company of two of his brothers and the Kontihene of Akwamufie, where Marshalls had acquired a 110-acre lakefront property site for a permanent campus. It was actually on this campus the Rendezvous was held. Nana Ansah Prem IV spoke rather briefly on career development and achieving academic excellence beyond the lecture hall before leaving to attend to other equally important official commitments.

Speaking to Marshalls Online Radio after the event, Mr. Edmund Dankwah, the president of the Marshalls Association of Students’ Affairs [MASA], the student governing body of Marshalls, expressed delight at the securing of the internship slots. He thanked Marshalls, Unilever and Holiday Inn for making these opportunities available to Marshalls students and urged the students to exploit the benefits.

Mr. Nesta Bruce-Nanakeaine, a student of Marshalls and anchor for the Marshalls Strategic Lakefront Rendezvous shared Mr. Dankwah’s sentiments. “I want to urge my colleagues to count these opportunities as blessings- especially for those of us who have no practical work experience. This is an opportunity to learn new things, and to put ourselves and Marshalls out there. We must not only go there to learn, but also to impart the spirit of excellence we have acquired from Marshalls at the work environment.”

Marshalls is committed to empowering its students and to develop well-rounded and well-grounded students who are able to respond to the current and future needs of humanity. It is for this reason that the institution has adopted the UNESCO standards for teaching and learning, implemented career development programmes, secured partnerships with several business brands and instituted the Marshalls Strategic Lakefront Rendezvous among a long list of engagements.

Marshalls intends to provide students with hands-on training and practical skills development to make them ready for the job market and the securing of these internship opportunities will go a long way to aid this objective.

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