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Date: 02/07/2017

A representation of the faculty of Marshalls attended a 2-day workshop hosted by Stanford Seed at their Airport Residential test site, Accra. The workshop was a capacity building seminar put together by Marshalls to improve the instructional and assessment competencies of its lecturers. It formed part of laid-down plans and policies in line with Marshalls’ vision of achieving the Ivy League status in the shortest possible time.

The strategic Capacity Building Workshop was designed to reorient the lecturers on their academic responsibilities and the demands of the institution for the next academic year(2016/2017) that was soon to begin. Three persons, Professor Benony Kortatsi, the president of Marshalls College, Dr. Tetteh Nettey, the Group President of Marshalls and Meridian Holding and Mr. Ben Antwi-Bosiako, an evaluation consultant and resource person for the workshop joined both the junior and senior lecturing staff at Marshalls to attend the workshop. Dr. Tetteh Nettey, Marshalls’ Group President, who also gave the opening address.

In his speech, Dr. Nettey introduced the Stanford Seed Transformation Programme, citing its credentials as well as its benefits and significance to Marshalls. He also reminded lecturers of Marshalls’ commitment to ensure the best teaching and learning standards. Dr. Nettey noted that the workshop was the next step in Marshalls’ blueprint for academic excellence, after the institution had invested in modern teaching and learning tools and resources. “We are persuaded that you, the instructors, should be central in any investment in teaching and learning. We believe in your competencies, and we are certain that with the right orientation, you will lead this revolution to change the face of education in Africa.” He said.

Mr. Ben Antwi-Boasiko, himself a former Vice President of Marshalls, conducted the workshop. Using projections, he instructed the participants in several areas of student assessment and evaluation. Topics treated included modern teaching paradigms, learner assessment purposes and processes, taxonomy of educational objectives and guidelines for constructing good short answer-type and essay-type questions. The sessions were very lively and interactive as participants traded ideas, asked and answered questions, and collectively sought solutions to their professional challenges.

Prof. Benony Kortatsi, Marshalls’ President, in his closing remarks stressed the importance of the Capacity Building workshop to the entire Marshalls community. He took advantage of the opportunity to inform lecturers of Marshalls’ new online library available on the website, urging lecturers to it use and encourage to their students to use it as well. The learned professor also charged faculty members to implement everything they had learnt and finally wished them well for the next academic year.

Lecturers interviewed by the marshalls online radio generally described the workshop as informative and worthwhile, admitting that it had even served as an essential Professional Development tool.

Though Marshalls had been avid participants of the Stanford Seed Transformation Programme, this was the first time that the workshop was being held exclusively for members of the Marshalls faculty. Seed Coach for Marshalls, Ms. Nancy Glaser, had within the last six months held several enlightening training sessions for the Human Resource, IT, Finance and Academic departments of Marshalls, however.

Marshalls has invested heavily in improving teaching and learning standards since becoming the first academic institution to be listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange. The institution has commissioned a five-storey multi-purpose edifice furnished with state-of-the-art learning resources, adopted the UNESCO standards of teaching and learning, and rigorously pursued other world class learning enterprises, including the Stanford Seed Transformation Programme.

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